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In this post we’ll talk about the Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner.

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On the other hand, if you landed here in order to learn more about the Smart Solar Box device and its pros and cons, then you may want to take a look at our in-depth review below.

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Our Review Of The Smart Solar Box


Created by Ryan Tanner, a 52-year-old mechanic from Milwaukee, “Smart Solar Box” is an informative guide that contains instructions on how to build a simple and inexpensive solar power bank, which, if built and used properly, can slash as much as 70% off your power bill by the end of the month—without breaking the law.

On the official website, Ryan Tanner shared how he discovered the Smart Solar Box. He and his family spent the weekend on his late father’s cabin for the last time before selling it. When they were there, it unexpectedly started to snow.

But while his neighbors didn’t have any electricity, they were the only ones who had power. He later found out that the thing that was powering up the house was contained in toolboxes and a ping-pong table. It was an improvised power bank.

Inside the toolboxes, Ryan found car batteries, while the ping-pong table contained the solar panels. This simple device powered the whole cabin for 48 hours.

After they were rescued, he studied his father’s notes on how to build the solar panel system. He shared everything, including demo videos and a list of materials, in the Smart Solar Box guide.

About the Smart Solar Box

According to Ryan, this solar power bank can supply electricity to everything, including computers, small radios, and large-screen TVs. One battery charge is equivalent to 18 to 20 hours of free electricity. He said this device charges even if it’s cloudy outside.

What’s included in the Smart Solar Box package?

  • The main guide.
  • Easy to follow videos that will teach you how to build your own solar power bank safely and quickly.
  • List of supplies and tools you need.
  • And a surprise bonus…


Main Pros


It’s Relatively Inexpensive to Build

Just think of how much you’ve been paying for your power bills. We bet it costs a lot. This device might seem to be expensive at first, but in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of money.

Ryan Tanner’s estimated cost is less than $200. But you probably don’t have to buy some of the materials because you already have them at home. As he said, you don’t need brand new car batteries to make this ingenious device.

Almost Anyone Can Build It

You don’t need to be a mechanic, electrician, or an electrical engineer to build the Smart Solar Box. You just need to be patient and know how to follow instructions to the dot. And to make it easier for you, you can watch the videos that show everything you need to do to make your own unit in just 3 to 4 hours.

It’s Portable

The Smart Solar Box was designed to be lightweight and compact so it can fit into any space. You can take it with you when you go camping, island hopping, fishing, and so on. And the great thing about it is it could supply power for up to 20 hours without the loud noises gasoline generators usually produce.

It Requires Minimal Maintenance

Well, you do have to clean the solar panels, but it’s only occasionally. You can leave the batteries inside the box for months without repairing or cleaning anything.

It’s a Renewable Source of Energy

Global warming is a serious issue for the past years. It has produced significant and harmful effects on people’s health and the environment. Renewable sources of energy (e.g. sun, wind, water, and geothermal) are sustainable and produce little to zero harmful greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

Ryan Offers a 60-Day Refund Guarantee

That’s the great thing about it. You have two months to go through the Smart Solar Box blueprints and build your own solar power bank. If it doesn’t lower your power bill even by one dollar within that period, you can write a message on your private support page to ask for a full refund.


Main Cons


You Need to Put Your Time, Effort, and Energy into This Project

You don’t need to be an electrical engineer to put this together. However, you do need to have at least 3 hours to focus on building this useful device. If you don’t want to lift a finger, you can either skip this or pay someone to do it for you.

It’s in Digital Format Only

The Smart Solar Box guide is available as an eBook. Ryan also included demo videos that you can stream online. This might prove to be a disadvantage if you have poor internet connection or don’t like reading eBooks. With that said, if you really prefer a hard copy, you can always print the main guide from your laptop…


Overall, we believe the Smart Solar Box can benefit all types of people. It’s especially for you if you…

  • Live in disaster-prone areas
  • Are environmentally conscious
  • Have expensive electricity bills
  • Love outdoor adventure activities, like camping and fishing

Investing on solar panels is a great idea, but it would cost you thousands of dollars. According to EnergySage.com, the average cost of a solar panel system in the U.S. is $12,500 (based on a 5kW system) after tax credits.

Don’t have that much money in the bank? The Smart Solar Box is a cheaper option, even if you add the cost of the guide and materials. And if you’re resourceful, you can get some of the things you need without spending a single cent.

It is also great that you don’t need to have a PhD degree or technical skills to build this multipurpose device. You just have to be good at following instructions, which is not that difficult because Ryan Tanner provided demo videos to complement the main guide. Depending on how fast you work, you just need 3 to 5 hours to put this together.

Of course, there are a few downsides to this. It’s difficult to pinpoint how much money you’ll exactly save since Ryan Tanner didn’t provide concrete information. It’s also obvious that you have to lift a finger to build this device. If you’re allergic to anything that requires you to exert effort, this might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you can’t afford to install a solar panel system, if you’re looking for a portable and/or renewable source of electricity, or if you simply want to reduce your electricity bills, then the Smart Solar Box is a great option for you…


Smart Solar Box Discount


The standard selling price of the Smart Solar Box videos and plans is $69. However, by clicking on the link below you can grab the complete package for only $27 right now from the official site.

If you think that this guide can benefit you and your family, or if you simply want to try the device risk-free for 60 days, then check the link down below and enjoy this discounted price while it is still available!

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